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US Tax Preparation, Compliance & Advisory Services

For Americans, Dual-Nationals, Green Card Holders & Foreign Businesses
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We are the trusted U.S. tax advisors in Switzerland.

How we can help you by offering US tax services in Switzerland

What does Pilotage US Tax & Accounting do?

Dealing with the IRS doesn’t need to be painful. We give our clients peace of mind by providing accurate, friendly and prompt service while doing everything possible to minimize their tax. We are the trusted U.S. tax advisors in Zurich, Switzerland for hundreds of Americans, dual-nationals, green card holders, and foreign individuals and businesses.

What does Pilotage US Tax & Accounting offer?

We offer an unconditional risk-free guarantee and can help whether you need assistance with filing your yearly tax returns, expatriate tax issues, estate and inheritance issues, complex reporting, forensic accounting or a specialized consultation.

How can I get started?

Our team is based in Switzerland and understands the issues faced by U.S. taxpayers living here and throughout Europe. We speak the languages, have an in-depth knowledge of tax treaties and how the tax systems work together and know the pitfalls that can trap the unwary or uninformed.

We are conveniently located just steps from the Zürich main train station and would be happy to meet with you. Please contact us for information about an initial consultation.

US Tax Compliance & Advisory Services

We offer tax compliance and advisory services for individuals, corporations and fiduciaries.


Federal & State Income Tax Preparation

Foreign Corporation Returns

Tax Planning & Advisory Services

Foreign Owners of US Corporations & LLC's

Green Card Compliance & Expatriation

US Real Estate & Minimizing Withholding Tax


Delinquent FBAR, Streamlined & Relief

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

Meet The Team

Ryan Larson EA

Director, Pilotage US Tax & Accounting

Languages spoken: English, German

Daniel Spindler CPA

Senior Tax Manager

Languages spoken: English

Carmela Schweingruber CPA

Senior Tax Manager

Languages spoken:  English, German

“US taxes and the documentation have become very complex. Pilotage US Tax & Accounting is very knowledgeable, with a convenient upload of documents and speedy returns allowing e-filing. Tax returns and all the necessary documentation required is prepared accurately and quickly. Friendly, dependable service for my US tax issues.”

-Alice Biber


I can highly recommend Pilotage US Tax & Accounting. They helped me get all my us tax documents filed. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly! Nobody likes to pay taxes – as a dual citizen I was really struggling and had no idea how to get started. Thanks to US Tax Services AG I got everything filed on time – their rates are fair and all-around service can’t be beat!

Karin Kisch


I am a US citizen and have been using their services for over 10 years. These guys know what they are doing, are reachable via email for advice, and, as a client, automatically take care of some things (apply for a late tax submission, etc.) I highly recommend them, and have no intention of switching (nor looking at tax forms myself).

Marc Paolella


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Löwenstrasse 40, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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US Tax Services & Tax Tips


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What do Americans in Switzerland need to know about US tax compliance? As an American expat, you may have heard about US tax compliance laws like FATCA but you may not know what impact these tax laws have on you as an American abroad and what compliance with them is...

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Be sure your FBAR is accurate and filed on time

The potential implications of an inaccurate or late-filed FBAR are much worse than for an income tax return. The IRS reserves the right to impose a penalty of $10,000 for simply filing the FBAR late. We often find that clients forget to list 3rd pillar...

Don’t purchase foreign investment funds (PFICs)

We commonly discover that our clients own non-U.S. investment funds – such as Swiss “Fonds” and other foreign-issued funds (ETF, SICAV and the like) – in their custodial, 3rd Pillar, or pension holding (Freizügigkeitskonto) account. For U.S tax purposes such funds are...

Think twice before making additional contributions to your 2nd or 3rd Pillar accounts

Additional contributions to your Swiss 2nd and 3rd Pillar pension accounts may lower your current Swiss tax burden and increase your retirement savings, however, you cannot deduct these contributions from your U.S. taxable income. Being subject to U.S. taxes in...

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